2007 Whale and Dolphin sightings

Fulmar around Ramsey Island RSPB nature reserve

6th April 2007           Gannets diving offshore, 5 porpoise
21st April 2007         Seals, 6 porpoise, individual gannets
3rd May 2007            Shearwater, puffins and gannets throughout the trip, 4 common dolphin
8th May 2007            Diving Gannets, 2 storm petrels
22nd May 2007         1 pod common dolphin approx 20, 1 pod dolphin approx 15, 1 pod porpoise 6
29th May 2007         2 pods of common dolphin about 6 in each pod, few puffins sighted during trip
29th May 2007          Common Dolphin, individuals and small pod of 6
31st May 2007          Puffins sighted throughout the trip
1st June 2007           3 pods of common dolphin, circ 10 in each, large feeding frenzie, 2 storm petrels
4th June 2007           approx 250 common dolphin, minke whale, WDCS onboard
5th June 2007           Common Dolphin approx 40, wdcs onboard
5th June                    wdcs onboard, approx 15 common dolphin sighted
7th June 2007           Feeding frenzie, lots of puffins, porpoise
9th June 2007           common dolphins throughout the trip, about 3 pods of about 30 in each and other small lightings
9th June 2007            1 pod of about 10 dolphin
10th June 2007          lots of puffins and rafting seabirds, 12 porpoise, lots of atlantic grey seals
11th June 2007         pods of common dolphin, circ 10 to 15 in each, large feeding frenzie, 1 storm petrel, 4 porpoise, puffins sighted the whole trip
12th June 2007         Large feeding frenzie of gannets, shearwaters and about 12 storm petrels. 2 pods of about 6 porpoise,  seals,approx 40 common dolphins
12th June 2007         1 pod common dolphin about 20, puffins and shearwaters throughout the trip
22nd June 2007        8 Orca playing around the Ocean Ranger, large bold male swimming between boat and shy females and young, boat came to a stop and they all swam around the boat, boat drifted for about 1 hour with orca in total.  Orca left and very large pod of approx 100 common dolphins joined the vessel, gannets, puffins, shearwaters
24th June 2007         Hugh raft of shearwater with diving gannets in attendance and plenty of common dolphin wdcs on board storm petrels, gannet chicks visable on grassholm,
24th June 2007          feeding frenzie of gannets and shearwaters,2 pods of approx 10 dolphin
28th June 2007         Lots of Puffins,  Manx Shearwaters, Gannets and  many other sea birds Common Dolphins sighted also
1st July                     Storm petrels, puffins, shearwaters and gannets, 2 pods common dolphin, approx 12 in a pod
4th July                     lots of diving gannets, large pod of common dolphins
6th July                    common dolphins approx 30 some juveniles
12th July                  approx 20 porpoise in St. Brides Bay, pod of about 10 dolphins
15th July                  lots of seabirds, puffins, gannets small pod common dolphin
21st July                  2 pods porpoise, 6 in one about 12 in the other, small pods of common dolphin throughout the trip
23rd July                 Common Dolphin  5 Pods  leaping juveniles and Mums with calves
26th July             1 pod common dolphins 25 to 30, 1 pod common dolphins 10 to 15
28th July 2007        pod of about 10 common dolphin, 2 great scua, lots of porpoise
1st August             4 pods of common dolphin from 8 to30 per pod
2nd August           100+ common dolphins seen during the trip, large feeding frenzie of gannets and shearwaters
4th August           2 pods common dolphin, about 12 in each, 1 pod of about 60, lots of seals
28th August         seals, puffins, guillimots and gannets,2 dolphin
1st Sept                Atlantic Grey Seals in Bachelor Bay and 2 porpoise
4th Sept                pods of common dolphin and 2 whales
6th Sept                large pod common dolphins 2 miles off Ramsey and about 12 porpoise
7th Sept                Common dolphin seen throughout the trip approx 350, atlantic grey seals, rafting guillimots, a few puffins and shearwaters
9th Sept                 pod of about 20 common dolphin, lots of jumping and splashing around, quite a few diving gannets
12th Sept               a few rafting guillimots, a few puffins, seals, dolphins jumping in the distance
15th Sept               2 arctic scua and some common tern, 6 puffins, lots of gannets 2 porpoise
18th Sept               2 pods of approx 10 common dolphins
21st Sept               about 30 to 40 common dolphin, 9 or 10 porpoise, plenty of seals
10th Oct                 5 large Rissos Dolphin in Ramsey Sound, about 6 porpoise