2008 whale and Dolphin sightings

common dolphins calf pembrokeshire boat trip

Its a little too early to go offshore but Greg our RSPB Warden on Ramsey Island made the following few observations:
January  –  A surprise on our return to the island after a spell of annual leave was the discovery of two new grey seal pups on Porth Lleuog, both around five days old. That brings the winter pup total to 3 so far. The pup born in late December was nearing 21 days when we left the island and was a good size. It was nowhere to be seen two weeks later, so is presumed to have weaned successfully.
February  –  Another grey seal pup was born on one of the beaches during the month, bringing the winter pup total to 4. Up to 55 adults were present at haul outs.
March  –  Grey seals reached a maximum of 177 spread over three haul sites by the month end.  Small resident  family of harbour porpoise in Ramsey Sound.
April  –  Sightings of porpoise through April are becoming more frequent, numbers between 5 to 10.
17th April  –  50+ common dolphins seen split in 2 pods, lots of very very young ones.    Stopped boat, females and young swam around  the boat splashing and playing then some males joined in.  One pod swam closely around the boat for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Thousands of gannets on Grassholm and plenty of Puffins around.
27th May  –  offshore a Pilot Whale jumped clear of the water 2 times just 30 metres away from the boat.  Everyone had a close-up, clear view but the whale just appeared in front of them and no-one got a photo, everyone was so amazed they didn’t get a photo the second time the whale jumped up in front of them, again clearing the water.   lots of rafting Puffins, plenty of Shearwater activity, the Gannets were in full voice on Grassholm Island also saw a Storm Petrel.
27th May  – a Pilot Whale was breaching West of Ramsey Island, about 8 porpoise South of Ramsey.
29th May  – Good day for common dolphins, 100+.
30th May  – Couple of small pods of common dolphin, about 30-40 per pod.
1st June am  – ‘WDCS Trip’.  Lots of diving gannets, plenty of Puffins, about 10 harbour porpoise.
1st June pm  – WDCS Trip’.   Pods of 20 to 30 dolphins popping up everywhere, couple of hundred in total.  2 x Orca swimming together, 1 large male the other possibly a juvenile, male jumped and cleared the water.  Boat couldn’t get clear of the dolphins popping up everywhere.

Photo by:  Janet Baxter

Not yet confirmed but we think the male Orca is called ‘John Coe’  he visits this area every year in June and the Hebrides every August.  Now confirmed.

3rd June  – plenty of pods of common dolphin and calves, puffin, gannets and atlantic grey seals
7th June  Pods of 100+ dolphins, lots of Puffins and porpoise
9th June  3 pods common dolphins about 30 to 40 dolphins per pod
10th June 20 to 30 porpoise about 100 dolphins lots of rafting puffins
13th June  100+ common dolphins, lots of atlantic grey seals and puffins
16th June 1 large pod of common dolphins followed the boat for about half an hour
16th June about 40 common dolphins with calfs, gannets diving eveywhere
24th June 100+ dolphins,  sailing ship round Britain ~Power Boat racers, sun fish 1st of the season
25th June 20 to 30 porpoise also 200+ dolphin, 2 multi mast sailing ships from sea festival milford
7th July    3 pods of common dolphins, 1 large pod of porpoise
13th July  small pod common dolphins lots of rafting shearwaters and diving gannets
13th July  50 to 60 common dolphins, skue and porpoise14th July  100+ dolphin, lots of puffins,  shearwaters and gannets
15th July   harbour porpoise 2 pods, 1 sunfish, lots of common dolphins
16th July   100’s common dolphins, frenzie of diving gannets
20th July   50+ common dolphins followed the boat for about 3/4 hour, saw another 2 smaller pods of 20+ in each
20th July   100+ common dolphins, puffins, gannets, shearwaters, lots of seals
21st July   3 pods common dolphins about 20 to 30 dolphins per pod, diving gannets and rafting puffins
22nd July  4 pods common dolphins about 20 in each pod
22nd July  3 pods of common dolphin, gannets seals and sunfish
23rd July  100+ dolphins,  Skue,  lots of adult seals and pregnant seals, storm petrels and gannets
23rd July  lots of porpoise, 100+ common dolphins, puffins and shearwaters
25th July  2 pods common dolphins about 30 to 40 dolphins per pod
26th July  lots of Common Dolphins,  Rissos Dolphins  and Puffins
26th July  lots of common dolphins and porpoise
28th July   lots of common dolphins,  Minke Whales  with the boat for quite a while and gannets diving everywhere
29th July  2 pods of common dolphins and porpoise
2nd Aug   50+ common dolphins, puffins, gannets, shearwaters
3rd Aug    about 9 porpoise, 2 pods common dolphins about 20 per pod
4th Aug    plenty of puffins, diving gannets, 100+ common dolphins
7th Aug   20+ common dolphins, puffins, gannets in a feeding frenzie
7th Aug  2 Pods of  dolphins, lots of Puffins, 7 porpoise
8th Aug  Pod of 100+ common dolphins, 1 skue
9th Aug  Pods of 100+ dolphins, lots of Puffins and porpoise
14th Aug  Plenty of seals about 12 common dolphins, a few calfs
15th Aug  Very large feeding frenzie for about 30 minutes, 1 pod dolphin, about 15 at the end of the trip, swam with the boat for about 15 mins
20th Aug  2 pods dolphins, about 40 in one pod and 20 in the other, lots of Puffins and porpoise
21st Aug  Couple of small pods of common dolphin, about 30 per pod.
22nd Aug Puffins seen throughout the trip, 1 large pod of common dolphins, about 40 to 50
23rd Aug  3 pods common dolphins about 30 to 40 dolphins per pod
28th Aug  2 pods common dolphins about 30 dolphins per pod
29th Aug  a few common dolphins in the distance, plenty of gannets and puffins, 6 porpoise
30th Aug  2 pods common dolphins, 1 pod swam around the boat for a bout 20 minutes
31st Aug  plenty of seal pups in the bay, feeding frenzie out by the Smalls light house
4th Sept   100+ common dolphins, few puffins
28th Sept  2 pods common dolphins about 20 dolphins per pod