2010 whale and dolphin sightings

rissos dolphins off the pembrokeshire coast

September 2010 whale and dolphin sightings

21st Sept    2 pods of common dolphins, lots of seals and gannets   
18th Sept    Plenty of Common Dolphin around and a sighting of a Rissos Dolphin possibly two, one of them was too far away to confirm, lots of activity with the Gannets on Grassholm as usual, lots of atlantic grey seals
9th Sept      Common Dolphin seen throughout the trip and as usual Grassholm Island gannets putting on a spectacular display
3rd Sept      Couple of pods of common dolphins about 20 to 30 per pod and an Arctic Skua just off the Smalls Lighthouse and lots of common seals
2nd Sept      lots of common dolphins, Grassholm Island had a lot of activity with gannets diving just off the island
2nd Sept      100′s of dolphins everywhere, large feeding frenzie of diving gannets, a sun fish and lots of seals
1st Sept       Common dolphins throughout the trip, porpoise, lots of seals and pups

August 2010 whale and dolphin sightings
31st August   Common Dolphins throughout the trip, 2 sightings of harbour porpoise off South end 0f Ramsey
30th August   Lots of common dolphins, porpoise, gannets, seals
27th August   Lots of Atlantic Grey Seals and pups, 30 to 40 common dolphins
25th August    Plenty of common dolphins throughout the trip and porpoise off the back of Ramsey
22nd August  3 pods common dolphin, large feeding frenzie of gannets
22nd August  Lots of common dolphin and young, lots of seals
21st August   Common dolphins throughout the trip, various seabirds, atlantic grey seals and porpoise
19th August   common dolphins, seals, gannets and porpoise
18th August   Lots and lots of common dolphins
16th August  4 large pods of common dolphins and an Arctic Skua
16th August  Common dolphins throughout the trip
16th August  Rissos Dolphins, about 6 or 7, Atlantic Grey seals everywhere on the Small Lighthouse rocks, very noisy, lot of common dolphins 
15th August  Lots of common dolphins,3 or 4 pods of about 30
15th August  Lots of gannets diving and seals around the Smalls Lighthouse
15th August  Hugh pod of Common Dolphins, absolutely 100′s everywhere 
12th August  Common dolphins sighted throughout the trip and harbour porpoise
11th August  Great view of gannets around Grassholm island, lots of activity, lots of common dolphins
11th August  Rissos Dolphins, very big plasid pod and plenty of common dolphins
8th August    lots of common dolphins
8th August   Great day for Minke Whale sightings, not sure if it was the same Minke each time, plenty of common dolphins
4th August    common dolphins sighted throughout the trip
3rd August    lots of common dolphins, more  atlantic grey seals that nornal 
3rd August    Gannets flying overhead for most of the trip, 4 pods common dolphins
2nd August   Common dolphins swimming with the boat for ages   
2nd August   Porpoise see twice and lots of Atlantic Grey Seals
2nd August   lots of seals, gannets, variety of seabirds, porpoise and dolphins
1st August    lots of common dolphins in pods of about 30 to 40
1st August    100′s common dolphins some not far beyond back of Ramsey
July 2010 whale and dolphin sightings
31st July      lots of common dolphins spread throughout the trip, porpoise and Arctic Skua
30th July     8 harbour porpoise off South end of Ramsey, lots of common dolphins
30th July     100′s common dolphins
29th July     100′s common dolphins
29th July     Turtle sighted but didn’t get close enough to identify it, lots of common dolphins
28th July     100′s common dolphins, gannets, seals
28th July      watch a large feeding frenzie of gannet but nothing else appeared among them, lots of Atlantic grey seals on Grassholm and Small Lighthouse
28th July      dolphins throughout the trip, about 100, Grassholm gannet very active and an Arctic Skua not far off Grassholm
27th July      3 pods common dolphins, lots of seals around the Smalls lighthouse, diving gannets near Smalls lighthouse
26th July      5 or 6 pods common dolphins about 30 in each   
26th July      Arctic skua, 100′s common dolphins, porpoise and puffins
25th July      Harbour porpoise and babies, 20 to 30 dolphins, lots of atlantic grey seals throughout the trip
23rd July     100′s of dolphin everywhere with babies and juveniles, porpoise, seals and puffins although puffin numbers are decreasing 
22nd July     absolutely 100′s of dolphins, Grassholm Gannet coloney very active, saw another Arctic Skua and 2 pods of porpoise, one pod with young 
21st July      Minke whale in the distance, 100′s of dolphins, lots of seals off Smalls Lighthouse also watch diving gannets in a feeding frenzie, a few puffins
20th July     100′s of dolphins everywhere throughout the trip, porpoise with babies in the Sound, another small pod of porpoise in St. Brides Bay.  
12th July     Dolphins thoughout the trip, puffins and an Arctic Skua.
8th July      4 Lots of dolphins throughout the trip.  Porpoise and tiny babies on the way out of the Sound.   Plenty of puffins around still. 
5th July       Harbour Porpoise, lots of guillimots and razorbills, gannets flying overhead most of trip, lots of seals around Small Lighthouse
June 2010 whale and dolphin sightings
30th June         Common dolphin throughout the trip, diving gannets off grassholm island, lots of seals
29th June         Lots and lots of Puffins and shearwaters, 2 pods of common dolphins with young, porpoise seen twice
28th June         another good Minke whale sighting, common dolphin dotted throughout the trip
27th June         Lots of atlantic grey seals around the Smalls Lighthouse also birds, shearwaters, gannets, guillimots, razorbills, puffins rafting couple 100 yds off South Bishops Lighthouse       
27th June         3 pods of common dolphin, one pod about 50, porpoise, diving gannets
26th June         100′s common dolphins with young, Skua, gannets, puffins, shearwaters, a lots of bird activity
26th June         3 Minke Whale, a young Minke whale played with the boat for about 3/4 hour, swiming around and under the boat, 100′s of common dolphins
24th June         2 pods of common dolphins about 40 in each pod, lots of gannets and shearwaters
23rd June         small pod of common dolphins feeding, about 8 porpoise, diving gannets
23rd June         3 pods of common dolphins, lots of  juveniles, atlantic grey seals, lots of puffins rafting
22nd June        porpoise family seen again with babies this morning, lots of activity at Grassholm with diving gannets off the island, 100′s of seabirds.  Haven’t seen John Coe the orca and his ladies yet, he has always searched us out, fingers crossed.
21st June        Minke Whale put in an other appearance, 2 pods of common dolphins, the porpoise are back in Ramsey Sound again in numbers, we saw a family of about 8 porpoise with 3 babies one of which was tiny, they are probably later coming back in due to water temperaturesbeing down still
20th June        lots of common dolphin, spectacular feeding frenzie of gannets and shearwaters, seabirds everywhere
19th  June        lots of dolphins throughout trip, 4 porpoise 
 17th June        2 pods common dolphin, more in the distance, lots of shearwaters and puffins
16th June        1 pod common dolphin, lots of seabirds throughout the trip
16th June        dolphins in the distance, grassholm gannets very noisy, lots of rafting shearwaters
15th June        lots of common dolphins, lots of seals, more porpoise in Ramsey Sound
15th June        porpoise, 2 pods common dolphins, lots of puffins
13th June       dolphins swimming alongside the boat for a long time
12th June       2 small pods of common dolphin, lots of activity around Grassholm
9th June         lot of common dolphin, plenty of puffins and shearwaters rafting
9th June        1 pods of common dolphins, 2 porpoise, plenty of seals. 
8th June        2 pods of common dolphin spread out, some young, plenty of puffins and shearwaters
6th June        Puffins rafting, small pod of common dolphins, plenty of seals around Grassholm 
5th June        30 to 40 dolphins, 6 porpoise seen in the bay, lots of gannets diving
4th June        pm common dolphins throughout the trip
4th June        midday common dolphin, puffins, shearwaters and gannets 
4th June        am 3 pods of common dolphin, about 30 to a pod
3rd June         pm about 40 common dolphins throughout the trip
3rd June         midday 3 pods of common dolphins
3rd June         am 100′s common dolphins, lots of rafting, puffins, guillimots and razorbills
2nd June        pm Common Dolphins with young swimming in front of the boat, lots of birds life
2nd June        am A Minke Whale and 100′s common dolphins during the trip
1st June          pm 100′s of common dolphins
1st June         am Common dolphins with young swimming with the boat, lots of bird life
May 2010 whale and dolphin sightings
31st May        pm 100′s common dolphins swimming around the boat
31st May        am A Minke whale made an appearance twice, 100′s of common dolphin and puffins
30th May       100′s of common dolphins, porpoise, puffins and gannets
27th May       50 or more common dolphins, gannets diving offshore, puffins and shearwaters everywhere
23rd May       3 pods of common dolphins with young, plenty of puffins and good variety of other seabirds
20th May       Small pod of about 15 dolphins, 1 youngster in particular jumping around the boat put on a great display. Lots of puffins and seabirds as usual a very spectacular Grassholm Island with gannets
15th May        20-30 Common Dolphins, lots activity with gannets and shearwaters, lots of Puffins and Atlantic Grey Seals
5th May         Otter – during a training trip around the back of Ramsey Island one of our guides spotted an otter slide off the rocks into the sea.  People on kayaks have reported passing Otters in the same place and Greg and Lisa (Ramsey Island RSPB wardens) have found evidence of otters in the harbour on the other side of Ramsey Island so now we have something else to watch out for.