2011 whale and dolphin sightings

Common dolphins Smalls lighthouse wales

2nd August – Grassholm Island
It was great at Grassholm today; so much activity all the way across St. Brides Bay with Gannets flying overhead, 5 dolphins crossed the bay with us and saw 4 porpoise also. 2 pods of common dolphin during the trip
1st August – Full day offshore
Atlantic Grey Seals, puffins, guillemots and gannets, 2 pods of dolphin, lots of seabirds and seals around Smalls Lighthouse, 1 storm petrel, two sunfish but dived quickly
30th July – Full day of offshore trips
About 4 pods of common dolphins about 50 or some in one of the pods, a smaller pod followed the boat for quite a while; saw two Rissos Dolphins but in the distance and two Storm Petrels.
29th July – Afternoon trip
Common Dolphins about 30, plenty of seals, diving gannets near Smalls Lighthouse and lots of seals hauled out on the lighthouse rock
29th July – Sunfish off the South Bishops Lighthouse
Lovely sunfish seen off the South Bishops Lighthouse, Gannets were extremely active on Grassholm Island and plenty of seals around, saw two pods of common dolphins
28th July – Puffins and Gannets
We saw plenty of common dolphins and a large fin sighted but a long way away. The gannets were out diving and plenty of puffins on the water throughout the trip
27th July – Another lovely day offshore
Two trips today, lots of seabirds and puffins on both trips, 3 pods of dolphins seen in total, about 20 to 30 per pod
26th July – Common Dolphin day
Good sightings of Common Dolphins and plenty of porpoise on the way back.
25th July – offshore Smalls Lighthouse
Plenty of gannets flying around the Smalls Lighthouse and Atlantic grey seals on the rocks. 2 pods of common dolphins and puffins
24th July – offshore to the Smalls Lighthouse
3 pods common dolphins, lots of Atlantic grey seals and shearwaters around the Smalls lighthouse, diving gannets offshore and close to Grassholm Island