2012 whale and dolphin watching

Dolphin watching boat trips in Pembrokeshire Wales

April 28th

Today was the first offshore trip of the season and what a successful one. The passengers got to see; common dolphin, north Atlantic grey seals, porpoise and lots of puffins. What a great start to the season.

May 2nd

Whale and dolphin trips have been busy today, Grassholm is full of gannets again. Common dolphin were spotted just off the small’s lighthouse, they were around 15 in the pod all of them very playful.

May 6th

After a few days of strong winds we have finally made it back offshore, and what a beautiful day to be out there. The passengers on the jet boat got to watch common dolphin playing in the wake of the Irish ferry, Zeman the skipper says there must have been at least 50 in total. lots of sea birds offshore today also.

May 9th

Today not only did we get offshore twice, we also went over to Skomer on a 2 hour spectacular puffin trip. Common dolphins were seen right in the middle of Jack Sound as well as offshore, porpoise were also present just off Ramsey. Skomer of cause was teaming in puffins, the passengers on board watched them for at least an hour.

May 12th

Our sightings today seem to be all about the sea birds, we saw; puffins, guillemots, razorbills, gannets, manx shearwater, kittiwake and an artic skua

May 16th

Lots of common dolphin offshore today, one big pod stayed with the jet boat for about 15 minutes. The passengers got some great photos, hopefully they will send us some so we can share them on here.

May 17th

Good porpoise sightings around Ramsey Island today, all ten of them were seen just off the boat by the bitches.

May 20th

Risso dolphin have made their appearance, they were seen just off the small’s lighthouse. Common dolphins were seen on the way back.

May 23rd

Today was a really good day for sightings, the boys on the boat spotted; seals, porpoise, common dolphin, puffins, manx shearwaters, lots of gannets and then a small pod of Risso dolphin breaching in the distance.

May 24th

Common Dolphin galore today, Zeman the skipper said the jet boat was completely surrounded by them, there must have been at least 500. The passengers seemed to be very happy.

May 25th

Lovely big sunfish offshore today, as well as; porpoise, common dolphin and plenty of gannets.

May 28th

A basking shark was seen by the boys on the Gower ranger today, the basking shark was spotted just lazing around on the surface by the bitches. Porpoise and seals were also seen.

May 31st

Common dolphin were spotted just off Ramsey Sound, they seemed to hang around for a good few hours as they were seen on a couple of our trips today.

June 2nd

Busy day today, the offshore trips were very lucky with their sightings. They saw; puffins, Risso dolphins, common dolphins and porpoise.

June 4th

A Minke whale was spotted offshore today, it was seen fishing just off Grassholm. A great sighting, lots of manx shearwaters also.

June 6th

Lots of Risso dolphin today, they were seen just off Grassholm on the way back form the whale and dolphin trip. There must have been at least 7 in the pod.

June 9th

Plenty of common dolphin being spotted today, they were seen on both the whale and dolphin trip and the 2 hour jet spectacular, lots of puffins too.

June 11th

A great day for bird watchers today, we saw; puffins, guillemots, razorbills, gannets, shags, manx shearwater and a lot of kittiwake. Common dolphins were spotted just of the small’s lighthouse.

June 13th

Atlantic grey seals and porpoise seen lots today around the island and offshore, they also saw common dolphin and an array of sea birds.

June 17th

Minke whale was spotted just off the hats and barrels reef today; he was spotted fishing amongst a load of manx shearwater. Common dolphins were seen on the way back from the trip.

June 19th

Loads of jellyfish around at the moment, the jelly fish often bring in the Risso dolphin, today though we just saw common dolphins and porpoise.

June 20th

A big sunfish was spotted offshore today, the jet boat managed to get right up close so everyone could have a good look. They watched it for around ten minutes then left it to bask in the sun in peace.

June 25th

A big storm has stopped us from getting offshore for a few days, we managed to get a couple of trips out there today though. Common dolphins were spotted as well as porpoise and grey seals.

June 27th

Great gannet sightings today, they swooped low right next to the boat. Risso dolphins were spotted on the way home from Grassholm.

July 4th

Lots of Atlantic grey seals making their way back to Ramsey now, we saw a good few hauled out on bachelor’s beach today. On the offshore trip they saw common dolphins and porpoise.

July 5th

Puffins were spotted in Ramsey sound today, this is becoming more of a regular thing now the RSPB have placed decoy puffins around Ramsey Island. Grassholm was full of gannets and seals today, common dolphins were spotted on the way back in.

July 8th

Today passengers were lucky enough to see; Risso dolphin, common dolphin and a minke whale.

July 9th

Atlantic grey seals, common dolphin and porpoise. They were all seen both offshore and around Ramsey Island.

July 10th

Common dolphins seemed to be everywhere today, they were seen around Ramey Island, offshore and on the 2 hour jet spectacular trip.

July 11th

Lots of seabirds offshore today, they have started to leave a lot of the islands. Common dolphin were spotted in between Ramsey and Skomer.

July 15th

A Portuguese man of war was spotted offshore today, it was the biggest one skipper Zeman had ever seen. Porpoise and common dolphin were seen just off the small’s lighthouse.

July 19th

Risso dolphin spotted just of Ramsey Island today, they seem to stay around for a good few hours. They were seen on a few different trips.

July 20th

A pilot whale was spotted offshore today, as well as common dolphin and porpoise.

July 24th

Arctic skua, porpoise and lots of common dolphin spotted offshore today, common dolphin were also seen on the way over to Skomer.

July 25th

Four pods of common dolphin seen offshore today, as well as porpoise and Atlantic grey seals.

July 28th

A couple of seal pups have been born early on the beaches around Ramsey Island; they were seen throughout the day. Common dolphins were seen offshore.

July 30th

Lots of risso dolphin offshore today, they ere breaching at least a meter out of the water. Porpoise were seen closer to the mainland.

August 2nd

Common dolphins, porpoise, Atlantic grey seals and risso dolphin all seen offshore today.