Latest News from Ramsey Island 18th August 2016

fledgling shearwater about to be ringed on Ramsey Island

RED FLAGS – You may have noticed a flock of red flags have appeared in the bracken on the north-east corner. These are marking our shearwater nest boxes so that we can locate them more quickly in the undergrowth. On that note, our two shearwater chicks in nest boxes are doing well, with an average weight of 470g at just 5.5 weeks old. With another month before they fledge they are already heavier than their parents.

GRASSHOLM UPDATE – Following last week’s newsletter the Grassholm bird list has increased by one to 79. Thanks to Liz and Neil on the Ocean Ranger who added BRENT GOOSE to the list on Tuesday morning.

PUFFIN, NUFFIN – The puffin decoys are back in the barn for the winter as is the Puffin sound system (much to everyone’s relief.) Sightings in 2016 have been consistent with previous years, with birds on the water peaking in the early morning and late evening.