Latest News from Ramsey Island 26th August 2016

Lambing on Ramsey Island RSPB Nature Reserve

Storm Damage – We had a few casualties after last weekend’s gale force winds and spring tide. An adult fulmar got grounded and stuck in the bracken on the east coast. It was well and truly wedged when we found it two days later, but unharmed and flew off strongly after we rescued it. Seal pups were the biggest casualty, with many washing out of caves and onto beaches.

HEADING SOUTH – We ringed our first Manx Shearwater fledglings last night as they venture to the surface in advance of their inaugural flight. Young birds will continue to leave the island until mid-September as they embark on their epic journey across the Atlantic and the equator. These youngsters are more likely to veer off-course especially on foggy and stormy nights and have been known to turn up in boats at St Justinian’s and in St Davids. If anyone does find or report a strange black and white bird to you over the next few weeks and you are able to box it up and ship it back to us, we would be happy to receive them for later release.

BAAAA – We separated our lambs from their mothers on Wednesday making for a very long day and a very noisy island! They will soon forget about each other and settle down but for a day or two they will call back and forth across the island. The ewes are now on Carn Ysgubor for a well earned autumn break so you may see them around the sea-watching hide.