Thousand Islands Adventure

Join us on a 1 1/4 hour boat trip around Ramsey Island with our wildlife guide

Experience the amazing natural beauty of this unspoilt island nature reserve.

Boat trips around Ramsey Island wildlife cruise

Passing beneath some of the highest cliffs in Wales and home to seabirds

In season guillemots and razorbills line the cliff ledges, look out for fulmars and the noisey kittiwakes in the caves. Chough and Peregrine Falcons can also be seen flying above.
Seals, seabirds and a myriad of flora and fauna make up this beautiful Pembrokeshire island RSPB Nature Reserve.
In spring the islands cliffs come alive with thousands of nesting seabirds.
Peregrines and Choughs also nest on the cliffs which are some of the highest cliffs in Wales. Atlantic Grey Seal pups on the beaches around Ramsey in September and October

Boat trip around Ramsey Island RSPB Nature Reserve


Puffin and Shearwater evening boat trips


Daily        10.30     12.30
14.15      16.30     18.00

Duration        1 1/2 hours

Ferry Boat Gower Ranger Ranger in Ramsey Island Harbour


Adults  £30.00
Child   £16.00 (4 - 13 yrs)
Infant  £10  (0 - 3 yrs)

Atlantic Grey Seal coloney in Bachelor Bay


Dress up warm, it is always cold at
sea. Don't forget your facemarks,
they must be worn by everyone