Whale and Dolphin sighting so far this season

24th April 2006    Gannets – Lots of frantic nest material gathering
Auks – All three species seen during the trip – many guillemots on Grassholm
Kittiwake – Now ten possible breeding pairs on grassholm
Peregrine falcon 1xfemale seen over Grassholm
Seals –approx 20 animals seen on Grassholm
Porpoise – approx 20 in the ebb tide in Ramsey Sound
11 May 2006    Gannets – frantic nest material gathering – feeding nr Grassholm             Manx Shearwater  250+ Auks – Lots of Puffins seen throughout the trip, also – razorbills, Guillemots, Fulmars 20+        Storm petrel Two             Seals – 30+ Grassholm 50+Ramsey
Common Dolphin – pod of approx 20 including at least one winter born calf
12 May 2006     On ledges Guillemot-Razorbill-Fulmar-Kittiwake   Shag – three nesting sites seen
Also Raven, Buzzard, Peregrine falcon and, Chough – maxima of 9 together
Also 7xWhimbrel     Rock pipits – many birds seen in caves over low water
Seals 50+      Porpoise – some seen as the tide started the ebb flow
16th May plenty of Puffins, 3 porpoise, 20+ common dolphins
26th May Common dolphins 1 pod 10+
28th May on both trips we saw Minke Whales and plenty of Common Dolphins
29th May 20+ Common Dolphins, Puffins, Porpoise and a Minke Whale
30th May Gannets – Birds returning to Island with full crops – less nest gathering material activity than 11 may. Present also Guillemots Kittiwakes and some Razorbills on Eastern side
Puffins also feeding Manx Shearwaters and kittiwakes noted off shore. Raven – two birds over Grassholm.   Peregrine Falcon – female chasing Razorbills on Grassholm
Storm Petrel (5), Seals 20+ on Grassholm, Porpoise seen in Ramsey Sound and offshore    Common Dolphin 100+ seen offshore

2nd June Common dolphins 2 pods about 20 in each pod, 4 porpoise, lots of gannets flying over and 2 Minke Whales