Whale and Dolphin sightings

Whale and Dolphin sightings for August 2016

rissos dolphins off the pembrokeshire coast

8th August Small pod of Common Dolphins playing in Ramsey Sound

10th August 2 pods Common Dolphins, 30+ in one pod, lots of Seals

13th August Common Dolphins 100+, 5 Porpoise

18th August Common dolphins 2 pods about 20 in each pod, 5 porpoise

24th August 2006 Common Dolphin 3 x pods 20 to 30 per pod, 2 sun fish

25 August 2006 Pod of about 30 common dolphin, altantic grey seals, diving gannets, sooty shearwater 1,

27 August 2006 Lots of diving gannets, atlantic grey seals, 1 Minke Whale and 1 Sunfish

29th August 4 Rissos Dolphins, 30+ Common Dolphins