Whale and Dolphins sighting June July

8 June 2006 Common Dolphin approx 200 in three groups – lots of Juveniles – lots of leaping – upside down splashing. Porpoise approx 25 – seen between Ramsey and Grassholm – including at least one calf in Ramsey Sound

11th June 2 Minke Whales in the distance, 2 pods of Common Dolphins

15th June 3 pods of common dolphin, about 30 to 40 in 2 pods and about 50 in the other

18th June Pod of about 15 included calves

22nd June 3 small pods of Common Dolphins, 8 Porpoise and loads of Puffins

26 June 2006 Sooty shearwater  (1), Manx Shearwater  1000’s, Storm Petrel  (9), Puffins – Lots
Risso’s Dolphin  (1), Common Dolphin  4x Pods  approx 250 in total

27 June 2006 Porpoise  (6), Common Dolphin  5x Pods  Lots of leaping juveniles and Mums with calves, Whale – possible Fin Whale

3rd July          approx 50  common dolphins, 6 porpoise, atlantic grey seals

6th July 6 Rissos Dolphins,1 Sunfish, lots of diving Gannets

14th July 4 possibly 5 Rissos Dolphins