6 Interesting Places of Hamburg

As a major port city in northern Germany, Hamburg can be considered one of the most interesting cities in the whole country. In fact, it usually attracts the attention of visitors with the help of historical buildings, as well as a variety of entertainments. Taking into consideration that Hamburg is one of the richest cities in the country, it offers tourists the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of history from the perspective of modern technologies.

Port of Hamburg

Located on the river Elbe, Germany’s largest port is frequently perceived as the main tourist attraction of the city. Today, it is widely known as the country’s “Gateway to the World.” Such considerable popularity of this place can be explained by the fact that this harbor area used to be an essential center for trade. Nowadays, city guests can explore this place from the water, thereby discovering this facet and enjoying the heart of Hamburg.

Old Botanical Garden Hamburg

If you aim to enjoy the natural beauty of the city, it would be significant to visit the botanical garden. It consists of the glasshouses with exotic plants in the Planten un Blomen park of Hamburg, Germany. In turn, collections of Aizoaceae, Orchidaceae, and Bambusoideae contribute to the development of the feeling of satisfaction for connoisseurs of unique plants. Moreover, people are able to visit this place at any convenient time, as it is open daily without charge.

The Hamburger Kunsthalle

The cultural life of the city can be appreciated by visiting the Hamburger Kunsthalle that includes works from medieval altarpieces to contemporary photography. It can be regarded as one of the largest museums in the country, which is based on 3 connected buildings located in the Altstadt district. Art collections dating from the Middle Ages to the present day provide in-depth information regarding the development of art in the past 7 centuries.

Hamburg Dungeon

Some tourists visit this city with the purpose of getting acquainted with Hamburg’s dark history in an actor-led, interactive experience. If you belong to this group of people, you should definitely visit the Hamburg Dungeon. This tourist attraction can be associated with laughter, screaming, and cutting edge storytelling, which creates an atmosphere of mystery and extreme.

Rickmer Rickmers

Established in 1983,  this museum ship is one of the most famous floating landmarks of Hamburg. For approximately 90 years, this ship has been used to sail the seas. However, today, it functions as a museum where tourists have the opportunity to roam the decks, exploring the crew’s and officers’ quarters. Additionally, people can visit a restaurant that offers fantastic dining options.

Hamburg State Opera

Hamburg also includes one of the world’s leading opera houses that attracts tourists across the globe. Numerous experts appreciate this attraction for excellent acoustics and advanced technical facilities. If you want to enjoy gripping opera productions and ballet performances, this place should be on the list of your must-see attractions.





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