Gouda - a paradise for cheese lovers

The cities of Edam and Gouda are longtime rivals. The fact is that both of these cities are located in Holland and have long been engaged in cheese making. However, Gouda is known not only for its excellent cheese. The quality of bricks, candles, flower pots and smoking pipes produced by the masters of the city is known all over the world. However, in the minds of most people, Gouda is associated with cheese. Like Edamer, Gouda is a classic cheese made from cow's milk. Gouda cheese, as well as cheese from the city of Edam, varies depending on how mature it is.

Cheese served with gin or beer is very popular in Holland. This is a variety of so-called smoked cheese. Every Thursday in Gouda, a cheese fair takes place, it starts early in the morning. Here you can find various types of cheeses for every taste. Cheese is brought from all the surrounding villages and farms by local cheese makers. From the local railway station to the central square of the city is only five minutes walk at a leisurely pace. The station building itself causes mixed emotions, it is quite original.

In addition to cheese, the city is famous for its architectural structures. There is a city hall of extraordinary beauty. By the way, she is the oldest in Holland. In addition to the town hall, tourists will be interested in visiting the weight chamber, in which cheese is weighed. The church of the city of Gouda is famous for being the longest in the country. Her stained glass windows are a real work of art. The plots that are depicted on them are the most diverse. Some of them are dedicated to the liberation of the country from the Nazis during the Second World War. In addition to cheese, in the city you can enjoy waffles with syrup (a local analogue of Liege waffles).

In general, Gouda gives the impression of a cozy and quiet provincial town, in which life proceeds leisurely and measuredly. The abundance of green spaces, narrow canals and houses of local residents, made in the traditional Dutch style, make this city unusually beautiful and original. There are several museums in Gouda. Candles - a product that glorifies Gouda no less than cheese. Particularly interesting will be a visit to the city in December, when both the town hall and the city church are illuminated with just candles. An extraordinary and bewitching sight. Once upon a time there was a pig market in the city, but it was removed in order to avoid noise and dirt. Las parejas de chat de sexo en este recurso demuestran para usted de forma gratuita. Ver porno chat de parejas en línea y comunicarse con ellos en tiempo real, chicas web gratis con chicas desnudas en línea, chat porno chicas vulgares desnudas chateando por dinero. Pídale a su pareja que prepare juguetes sexuales o parafernalia BDSM durante la comunicación, luego su chat porno privado. Lea las reglas antes de iniciar sesión en nuestro chat. Aquí puedes hacer citas interesantes, encontrar nuevos amigos en todo el mundo.


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