Pai Gow online casinos

Like Baccarat, Pai Gow is one of the exotic casino games in Germany. It's completely different in China. Like Baccarat, the game, which has its origins in Chinese Macau, offers a relatively complex set of rules that must first be understood. Without a thorough study of the rules, it is impossible to see what is actually going on on the gaming table. In the original version, the game was played with dominoes, today we are talking about the Pai Gow poker online segment - usually about the Pai Gow poker variant with poker cards instead of dominoes.

Online pai gow casinos

In the course of the guide we answer the question "Where can I find Pai Gow Online Casinos Germany?" And introduce the best Pai Gow Online Casinos from Germany. We also briefly explain what our free Pai Gow game should be used for.

Important facts about Pai Gow online casinos Germany

  • Online casinos tend to offer little selection of Pai Gow options
  • Not every casino allows bonus rollover fulfillment with Pai Gow
  • Pai Gow is one of the exotic games of chance
  • Casinos rely on different Pai Gow variants (Main-Pai Gow, No Push & Fortune Pai Gow,)
  • Live Pai Gow is very rare to find online

Play Pai Gow for Free: Why Play for Real Money?

If you haven't really looked into the rules of this exotic gambling game before, you should definitely use our free demo game here before choosing an online casino Pai Go from our comparison. With the free Pai Gow games offered here, rules, tactics and strategies can be learned and practiced. And completely without registration in the casino! Instead of money, players gain game knowledge while training with the free Pai Gow game. And this game knowledge can later be converted into maximum winnings in the real money games of the exotic gambler. Without having to deal with the rules, it makes no sense to sit down at an appropriate table. Just like with Baccarat, a certain amount of preparatory work is required in the form of regulations and training. Not every player is ready for this: Therefore we are actually talking about a casino niche offer that not every gambler masters!

Pai Gow Online: All facts & information about the exotic gambling!

Before we present suitable online pai go providers, we would like to briefly examine the special features of this exotic gambling game. In contrast to the simpler games of chance such as blackjack, the rules and betting options can only be understood with the help of “watching” in Pai Gow or Live Pai Gow. Before a recommendation from the Pai Gow online casinos in Germany is selected from our test comparison, the rules must be learned! This requires a few hours of training and preparation. If you take the time to do so, you will add an extremely demanding and exciting game to your gambling portfolio, in which regular regular players in online casinos will get their money's worth!

Game selection and variations at Online Pai Gow

Pai Gow originated in China and was primarily played with dominoes. This variant with the stones can often still be found in offline casinos and casinos in China and Asia. Only Pai Go Poker is usually offered online. This then in the original variant or alternatively in the no push version. In this, the tie is excluded. The bank always wins if the player does not win both hands. At the same time, the five percent commission is waived. With the Pai Gow Main variant, an additional bet can be brought into play. Fortune Pai Gow is more for fans of digital slots. Here the computer selects the cards and divides the hands. Players are completely dependent on chance, at the same time this variant is occasionally available with progressive jackpots.

Bonus: At Pai Gow you have to be careful with wagering requirements

As a rule, online casinos exclude table and card games based on their wagering requirements, or weight them only minimally when fulfilling rollovers. The classic table game / card game variant with a digital dealer is therefore usually only weighted with a few percent. If you choose one of the Pai Go online casinos from Germany that offers a live casino bonus, you should also be careful. There are offers in which all live games are counted 100% against the wagering requirements. Often there is no Live Pai Go offer there. Ideally, such an online casino Pai Gow provider is chosen, which also allows a percentage free play with the card game. This then provides fans with a positive online Pai Gow experience.

Pai Gow Online Casinos Germany: These casinos offer the exotic

In this case, we want to make a total of four short recommendations for Pai Go online casinos from Germany. And to answer the question "What do I have to consider when choosing a Pai Gow online casino from Germany?": The best thing is to simply select one of our recommendations from the Pai Gow online casino and choose it here based on your personal preference. This guarantees a positive online Pai Gow experience for all four!

Pai Gow Online Casinos Germany: Little choice for the exotic!

Anyone who has taken the time to read the guide up to this point now has the necessary knowledge to be able to choose a suitable casino with the exotic game. With the LeoVegas recommendation, players in particular gain a positive online Pai Gow experience who prefer to play with their smartphone or tablet. The other three providers differ significantly in their portfolios and the bonuses offered. We recommend taking a quick look at our test report from the relevant provider before registering, so that we can also select it based on personal preferences. Before playing with real money in one of the Pai Gow online casinos in Germany, the guide to Pai Gow game rules and tactics must not only be read carefully, but also understood.


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