James Patterson's Women's Murder Club: Twice in a Blue Moon: Overview

Quests about serial killers-maniacs a la Jack the Ripper have already managed to adequately fill the nostrils of the progressive gaming community. The developers of every second detective adventure game consider it their duty to address precisely this burning topic. Well, who is interested in investigating some miserable solitary murder or, more likely, aspirations, theft, albeit on a particularly large scale? No, really! If you cut - then in batches, if blood - then by the oceans, on a grand scale.

However, Floodlight Games didn’t work out on a grand scale : this is the third game based on short stories by the American writer James Patterson, which is released in the modest “I'm looking for” genre. Which is symptomatic in itself - “searchers” take almost the first place in the list of low-budget gaming options.

Like the two previous editions, Twice in a Blue Moon consists of several separate investigations, during which we gradually come closer to unraveling the detective intrigue. Starring - four young ladies: a lawyer, a detective, a medical expert and a journalist of criminal chronicles. Girls, in fact - game functions, no more. Any luxuries like personality or character are not assigned to them by rank.

The focus is a series of nightmare killings in San Francisco. Each time, the mysterious villain disguises himself as different maniacs, does not hesitate to play cat and mouse with detectives, and regularly throws puzzles to our beauties. The heroines gasp in a picture, imitate violent mental activity. As befits the girls, they are late, and they are at the scene of the next crime when the killer has already managed to get home, wash his hands after the work of the unrighteous and make himself a cup of real murderous coffee.

Frankly, unscrupulous plagiarists work in Floodlite Games . Long before them, the idea of ​​creating a hidden object game based on the popular television series visited the bright heads of developers from 369 Interactive studio . As a result, the game world received eight projects similar to each other under the general heading CSI, and fans of the crime detective epic Crime Scene Investigation gained the opportunity to personally conduct a virtual investigation of several particularly complicated cases.

By the way, at first the gentlemen of 369, with the participation of Ubisoft, managed to sculpt quite tolerable games, albeit without any special claims to discoveries. JPWMC developers shamelessly slammedtried to learn from the experience of colleagues in almost everything: from visual style to puzzles. Only now it turned out much worse.

Not surprising! After all, super-sands have to fight immediately with two enemies: a maniac and a mess. In workrooms, everything is always upside down, at the “object” - a bunch of foreign objects, even in the laboratory all the bottles are confused. Before looking for a killer, you must first put everything neatly. Well, just think, another corpse. The more dead, the more evidence.

As a result, a good initial plot idea turns into a stupid and even slightly cynical farce. I wonder why the maniac did not choose the four cute babes from the "Women's Club" as his victims? Dead they would have looked much more appropriate. Play best Y8 Games at the website right now. Here they gave games of this type as applications and are Y8 online games that are played on devices such as laptops, mobile phones and others.

So, we are locked in Lindsay’s room (or Jill, or Claire, or Cindy, it doesn’t matter). The goal is to find a bunch of different objects hidden anywhere. In the best traditions of the worst “hidden objects”, one has to look for the most unimaginable objects: a figurine, a teddy bear, a golf club, a fan and many other things equally indispensable in the investigation. And how do you find the “letter A” in the next location, despite the fact that this letter is part of the inscription on the floor?

Note that the active points are visually no different from the background. With rather conventional art and rather nasty detailing of the interiors, the search for the twelfth newspaper in a dark alley turns into a torment. Happiness is still that there are clues - five pieces for one investigation.

Some objects migrate from room to room. No matter where we are, in our office, in a public place, in the room of a murdered couple, we will be forced to look for certain keys. Naturally, the items found do not affect the passage.

Mini-games influence, among which sometimes interesting options really come across. For example, a logical task with determining the location of the next crime. The killer throws us a leaf with a riddle, which indicates what signs the name of the desired street does not exactly possess. We, by means of exclusion, determine the only lane in which the forthcoming villainy may occur. That is, I apologize - it happened a long time ago.

Wacky puzzles are also missing. Mostly annoying is the complete lack of connection with the plot. When a medical expert instead of analyzing data arranges bottles in a laboratory in order, and a journalist collects a puzzle from different CDs, we understand that new victims are inevitable. The detectives do not strain, cherish the mental resource for more important tasks than the search for some maniac there. Oh yes, your brains are also trying not to overload: any mini-game can be completed automatically if it does not work out manually.

What do developers do when the budget is shamefully small and full-fledged graphics are not expected in principle? Draw a comic-like art. But this is bad luck: even a comic book can be aesthetic, neat, built and traced, or maybe like in Twice in a Blue Moon . That is, fresh, stereotyped, similar to a thousand brothers. Extremely standard videos in combination with semi-dark, untidy interiors and terry pixel hunting finally bury the game.

JPWMC: Twice in a Blue Moon - A classic example of a detective game in the genre of "I'm looking." Another ill-conceived, uneven, cooked on the knee crafts. Another unsuccessful attempt to go on the popularity of the original source.

Pros: some good mini-games.
Cons: ruined plot idea; depersonalized characters; gameplay out of touch with the plot; template art; pixel hunting.



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