Sample resume of forklift driver

Resume of the forklift driver, unlike other samples of descriptions of the employment biography, practically has no complicated specifics and is compiled according to a certain template. The document should be made on the basis that the head of the transport / construction company (or HR-manager, if the company staff is large enough), will spend no more than 9 seconds to familiarize themselves with it.

Following our tips, you will be able to compose a good forklift operator resume and get dozens of job offers. Making it from a ready-made template is quite easy. The forklift driver resume sample below is exactly what you need.

Let's first consider the general principles of forklift driver CV.


You need to specify in what companies you have worked and what functions you have performed.

2. Important words - to invite exactly you.

All resumes of truck drivers and special equipment are very similar. They are almost identical. To immediately stand out in a mass of fellow competitors, applying for the same position as you, write in your resume the words that the employer wants to see.

It is important to convey the following information to the future employer:

  • You are a punctual, responsible, serious person who can be trusted with heavy machinery.
  • You are familiar with the rules of safe movement of cargo.
  • You know how to operate machinery and no difficult situations on the site will catch you unawares.
  • You have a new type of driving and operating license (stacker, forklift, Ritchie, electric truck)

A cheat sheet for all occasions

If you're having trouble making a list of functional responsibilities, that's okay.

Wonderful help for writing a sample resume is a specialized list of functions applicable to the work of the driver.


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