Tips for completing the game Medal of Honor: Airborne. Operation Varsity # 010

Destroy Railgun

The railgun is inside the same warehouse as the control panel, and you only need a few seconds to get to it, so I think you do not need a map here. Follow my instructions and you will be fine.

Reaching your goal:

You should stand inside the control room, near the destroyed panel. Return to the previous room and go to the north exit. The area should already be protected, however you can also try to protrude. Turn left and use the stairs to go down to the lower platform. Railgun is on your left. You can use the second set of stairs, however I would recommend jumping over the barrier.

You will need to approach the railgun from the western side, because there you will find a well-known luminous icon. Go there now. Press the action key so that you can place the explosive charge on the railgun. Go back and wait for the explosion.

Provide a clean and secure entrance to the railway yard

This will be a fairly short part of this mission, especially if you are not directly on the ground. From some upper platforms you will have a much better view and you can kill most of the enemy soldiers from there. You may have only minor problems finding all German units, because otherwise you will not be able to enter the territory of the railway station.

An approach:

I would recommend a landing in the neutral zone. Check the screen for a better overview of the situation. You must choose this structure because you will have a beautiful view of the entrance to the courtyard. You can also kill many soldiers from there without risking anything, because enemy soldiers will not be able to respond to your attacks.

Reaching your goal:

Once you have landed safely, head north-east. Try to kill at least 3-5 enemy soldiers from here. Start with those who guard the entrance. As I said earlier, you should be safe, so you can focus all your attention on choosing goals. Use a sniper rifle to kill German soldiers.

Once you have killed all visible enemy troops, turn left. You are likely to see the second group here. The easiest way to get rid of them is to use one of the portable grenades, however you need to make sure that it landed exactly where you planned. Once this is done, use the nearest stairs to get to one of the lower platforms.


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