Arrive to our boat trips in wales with your keys!

Traveling is fun, relaxing and a true adventure. Well, that is true in most cases. In other cases, something goes wrong and we return home with a bad experience. As you are reading this article you are probably planning on your next great adventure to our wonderful islands of Wales. When you return home you will bring with you memories of Grassholm Island, the dolphins and the breeding gannets. During the years we have learned a thing or two about the small things that easily can "go wrong" and interrupt your vacation. Lost keys are probably the most common thing after lost luggage. Here are some advice on the matter:

Did you ever lose a key while traveling?


Were you unable to open your suitcase, get back into your rental home or car without it? Did that stop you from resuming your planned travel schedule, maybe miss a plane or a bus? There are many types of lock and key emergencies and issues that need to be addressed by professional locksmiths. And they can come as unexpectedly while traveling, just as they can come up when at home. Unless you have already faced a lockout emergency out of your home, chances are you never truly paid attention to the need to search and find a reliable locksmith to save in your contacts. If you are getting ready to travel for business or leisure reasons, you will definitely need to change things. Especially considering a large number of scams some of the so-called locksmiths on the market are currently using.

Locksmith Emergency or Not?

Well, if you are still in the US then you should quickly call a company with emergency locksmith service! But let's say you are already on your way to Wales, or perhaps just arrived to the UK. Being in a foreign country you will soon realize that your emergency solutions don't necessarily work as good as they do at home. Plus you are probably in a lot of stress from the flight. You should definitely not start the search while you are in the middle of a crisis, as chances are you will not be able to use your clear judgment. And you will end up making a poor choice you will regret soon after. You will be tempted to pick up your phone and call the first locksmith that pops up after the briefest search online. You will not have the time or the right mood needed to dig deeper into the respective locksmith's business and past. And you could end up with a fraud showing up, or someone who will charge you a few times the original rates simply because they know you are desperate enough to pay anything just to regain access to your home or car.

The best time to look for any type of professional help is when you do not need their services. Your mind will be at ease, there will be no stress or anxiety pushing you to make hasty decisions, and you will use your intuition and logical thinking to make the best call.

Take your time, use a search engine, the Yellow Pages of the country you are in and ask around. If you are already at the hotel the front desk will be able to help you, if not ask at a coffee place or local supermarket. There are likely to be people that might have recently used a locksmith service they may or may have not been pleased with. Just remember that in some countries "Locksmiths" are called something else so try to explain your problem if you see the people you ask don't really understand what you are looking for. As soon as they understand what the problem is they will be able to tell you which locksmith or service to hire and which to stay away from straight from a reliable source.

Personally I travel with my family a lot and no matter where I go, I always do some research before the trip. I read the security advice for each country by the embassy and also search online. I find being prepared for an emergency is the best and it's a lot easier to read, understand and remember the information when you read it when you are not currently dealing with an emergency. You will not be pressured by a broken lock on a door or a stuck key in an ignition switch. So you will be able to compare rates, look for positive and negative reviews, make sure they can provide you with the exact services you might need (for example, if you believe you will need help with your car's locks or keys, the locksmith should handle your vehicle's make and model; some might, others will not have the right tools for the job).

Even if you don't leave the US, but will be traveling to a different US state, find a nationwide company that provides its mobile service across all states. If you plan on traveling to a foreign country, search for similar locksmiths there. Make sure they are English-speaking experts and check for their credentials and proof of licensing/authorization online. Remember to always ask for identification when they will arrive at your location. In the U.S., locksmiths are required to have a Master Security License Number. This number might not be mandatory in other parts of the world. 

We hope these tips have been helpful and hope to see you soon - with your keys - in Wales! 


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